The Graeme Clark Oration - Australia's most prestigious free public science event

  • The Graeme Clark Oration celebrates advances in health and medical research that impacts people around the world.
  • It showcases world leaders in health and medical research and initiates a community-wide discussion around exciting developments in convergence science - where the life, physical and engineering sciences come together.
  • The Oration emphasises the importance and value of gender diversity in science, inside and outside of the laboratory.
  • The oration was established in honour of Graeme Clark who discovered how to code speech with electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve and brain pathways

The Graeme Clark Oration brings some of the world’s leading researchers and thought leaders from around the world to Melbourne to inform, inspire and excite the community about advances in the biomedical sciences shaping the future of healthcare.


The Oration honours the pioneering effort of Laureate Professor Emeritus Graeme Clark AC FAA FRS Lasker Laureate in developing the world’s first successful multi-channel cochlear implant that has restored hearing to over 700,000 people around the world.


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Why we established the Oration

The Convergence Science Network is Australia’s first and only network that engages the public with developments and advances in the biomedical sciences.

We established the Graeme Clark Oration in 2008 as our annual showcase event. We are for public good and not-for-profit. We are supported by local universities, research institutes, businesses and not-for-profit organisations.


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Graeme Clark

Professor Graeme Clark was the first person to develop the multi-channel cochlear implant and to have successfully performed the world’s first implant procedure on Mr Rod Saunders in August 1978, at Melbourne’s Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. Over 5,000 people in Australia and over 200,000 people around the world have received the multi-channel cochlear implant and the gift of hearing. Having restored hearing to adults, many who had once had hearing, Graeme’s attention turned to restoring hearing to children born deaf and never exposed to sound.

The 2022 Orator:
Dr Natalia Trayanova

The 2022 Oration again delivered in spades as Dr Natalia Trayanova mesmerised the crowd of 1400 people. She delivered a memorable address that outlined her research and also her career within the ranks of science elite.

She outlined her inspiring efforts to develop some of the worlds most elaborate AI technology to duplicate a persons heart for diagnosis.

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Continuing engagement with schools

Victorian secondary schools were invited to participate in the Graeme Clark Oration Schools Program. For over the past 10 years the Program offered schools opportunities for engagement with the Graeme Clark Oration and its speakers.

It's a unique opportunity for schools to participate and celebrate advances in biomedical science and hear from distinguished leaders in science from around the world.


Fantastic event and one not to miss in the Melbourne Calendar!

Engage with us

We engage with the community to share the rapidly moving developments in health and medical science and technology innovation.  In a period when health and medical research is delivering new knowledge and hope for the diagnosis, treatment and cure for many diseases, it is even more important for scientists to engage with the community so that public trust in science and scientists remains strong.


The Graeme Clark Oration performs an important and valuable role in bringing world leaders in health and medical research to Australia to share developments and inspire school students and the population more widely about the new possibilities offered by this research.


  • Engaging presentation style and inclusive language was ideal for a public and research specialist audience. The onstage acceptance speeches by the winning science schools was a stroke of genius!
  • Thanks for bringing such high-profile speakers and open the opportunity for the general public and schools to participate.
  • It appeals very well to a lay audience each time and the speakers manage to keep the science at a level that impresses and informs all attendees
  • Fantastic event and one not to miss in the Melbourne Calendar!
  • It was an inspirational evening and one that my school, its principal and students will remember vividly


The Graeme Clark Oration

The Graeme Clark Oration is delivered by global leaders in health and medical science in honour of Prof. Graeme Clark’s pioneering work in developing the bionic ear in Melbourne in the 1970’s.  It is recognised as Australia’s most prestigious free public science event and is attended by secondary school students.